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Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC 

 Consultant Proficiency Resources LLC serves as the business operation backbone for established small businesses & aspiring entrepreneurs. CPR's customized approach and winning formula enable small business leaders to hone their leadership attributes, improve workflow and teams, increase productivity, eliminate waste, seek free $$$, and increase revenue.

CPR renders ethical and professional deliverables at cost-effecti ve prices.

CPR vows to jump-start your business with recession prices. This offer is good until Winter 2023. (Jan 2023).

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For a free 30min virtual assessment to determine how CPR can resuscitate or jump start your business, please send an email to workclimate@cprllcservices.com or call us at Phone# (347)-674-4878.

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Why is CPR an invaluable resource to your business?
According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) (Gaille Blog, 2017)
25% of firms survive up to 15 years in business
33% survive the first 10 years
50% survive about 5 years of business
66% of small businesses will survive their first 2 years
70% make it beyond the first year of business

While the SBA statistics is gloomy, CPR's executives possess the skills to resuscitate your business and give your business a new lease on life. Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) customized approach to problem solving, results in customized solutions and happy clients. 
Still not convinced CPR can reinvigorate your business?  Contact us for a free 30 min virtual assessment. What do you have to lose?



CeeCee is Consultant Proficiency Resources LLC's founder and managing partner (DBA CPR LLC).  CeeCee's expertise is grounded in a wealth of corporate experience and community initiatives.  CeeCee's diverse corporate background includes financial, pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, and small business industries.  CeeCee earned her Master's in Business Administration in NY.  As a professor in Business, CeeCee applied for a post-doctorate training in Leadership and Education in the northeast.
With a successful application, CeeCee currently holds the status of a Doctoral Candidate.



CPR LLC services are constructed on 3 pillars:

1. Character
2. Prudence 

3. Righteousness

CPR LLC mission

To provide ethical business services and networking opportunities within our communities.


CPR LLC vision

To become the business operation backbone to entrepreneurs. CPR's services will emerge as the business service hub of choice for essential ethical business operations at cost-effective prices globally.


CPR LLC value statement

To provide ethical business services to leaders that will render effective and timely business decisions.


Motto "When YOU succeed, we succeed!!!"



Thank you for entrusting CPR LLC with your business.