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Cheryl Cross, MBA, BS

Doctoral Candidate

Founder and Managing Partner

Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR)


My passion for honing human capital through coaching can be traced to my early childhood. I’ve advocated for human development through community activism, academic training, and my professional career.  My roles as a community liaison for youth ministry, health care manager and executive, professor, and my current role as a business consultant and moral leadership coach, enable me to garner a wealth of experience to maximize human potential. As a business owner, I’m committed to transforming the lives of leaders by promoting faith and facts by simply integrating biblical + business principles.  I earned my MBA and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in NYC and am currently a Doctoral Candidate at a University in Philadelphia.  CPR is a member of the NJ Black Chamber of Commerce and Mastermind Leaders (Global Network platform).

As a disciple of the Good Shephard, my business practice is a business ministry illuminating how to walk and work by faith.  My other passions include promoting healthy living and workspace, empowering youth within the inner cities, mentoring new leaders, and networking with other women and minority entrepreneurs.  I am a daughter, sister, niece, godmother, aunt, and friend. I am a novice urban gardener, an aunt to a precocious beagle, the author of two published studies in HcPro magazine, and a current contributor to Patterns online magazine. I aspire to publish faith-based books. I believe in second chances within this critical juncture since I was predetermined and given a second chance.

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