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Consultant Proficiency Resources offers Business Consulting and Leadership Coaching services


CPR's CEO with News 12 NYC during Labor Day Weekend

Cheryl Cross, MBA, BS

Founder & Managing Partner of CPR LLC

NEWS 12 interview-Sep 2023

CPR's CEO-keynote speaker, panelist, moderator for your next event

See the CEO of Consultant Proficiency Resources interview with News 12 NYC.

Cheryl's passion for honing human capital through leadership coaching can be traced from her early childhood.  Today, she advocates for professional development, divergent and convergent thinking for a competitive advantage, a one-on-one approach to problem-solving, and honing a business mindset. Cheryl's many roles as a community liaison in her formative years, a health care manager, executive, and professor during her tenure in Corporate, and now as a business consultant and leadership coach enable her to garner a wealth of experience she uses daily for her clients. 

Cheryl earned her MBA and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in NYC and is a Doctoral Candidate at a University in Philadelphia. Cheryl is a member of the National Black Directory and Dell's Women Entrepreneur Network member.

Cheryl's other passions include promoting positive and creative workspaces, mentoring new leaders (Corporate executives, educators, and entrepreneurs), networking with other women and minority entrepreneurs, including the African diaspora, and adopting a holistic lifestyle. A more

holistic lifestyle enabled Cheryl to create G.R.I.D., an immunity booster.  Cheryl was recently interviewed on News12 NYC about the importance of small business ownership. That interview can be viewed via the link provided above. 


In 2023, Cheryl debuted Jumpstart with CPR, a weekly online business radio program courtesy of WONIRADIO. Archived audios are available on the WONI Podcast via Jump Start CPR | WONIRadio. In addition, Cheryl renders free leadership coaching tips on her YouTube platform titled CPR Moral Leadership Coaching tidbit.  CPR Moral Leadership Coaching - YouTube.  Cheryl is the author of two published studies in HcPro magazine and a past contributor to Patterns magazine.


Cheryl aspires to publish ethical business books to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.  Cheryl is currently available for speaking engagements, including motivational speakers, panelists, moderators, and keynote speakers.

CPR's CEO with African American Chamber of Commerce of NJ President Dr. John Harmon Sr.

Dr. John E. Harmon, Sr., IOM

Founder, President, and CEO of AACCNJ

Cheryl Cross, MBA, BS

Founder & Managing Partner of CPR LLC

Cheryl Cross, MBA, BS

Doctoral Candidate

Founder and Managing Partner

Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR)

CPR's team is professional and simply wonderful. Before signing up for CPR coaching, I took advantage of CPR's free 30min virtual assessment, which turned into 2 hrs. In the end, I was sold. Affording me extra time is unthinkable in 21st-century business practice. That's when I realized CPR's pillars of prudence and righteousness were in full effect. 

Thank you, CeeCee


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