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Consultant Proficiency Resources Debuts Moral Leadership Coaching on YouTube

Breaking News!!! Consultant Proficiency Resources is pleased to announce the launch of its second YouTube channel; CPR's Moral Leadership Coaching TidBit. The first YouTube channel is dedicated to #stompingouttoxicworkplaceculture. This channel features animated videos of toxic workplace culture regardless of the industry. Use the link below to see our latest video, be sure to subscribe, share, and comment. Join hands with CPR in stomping out workplace toxicity.

The second YouTube channel is the antidote to stomping out toxicity. Stomping out toxicity requires a moral and ethical leader. In the 21st century, is it possible to stomp out toxicity within an organization? The answer is absolutely, however; it requires moral fortitude, commitment, that is a Moral and Ethical leader. CPR's Moral Leadership Coaching you tube channel is dedicated and committed to affect change and making a difference. The first step to stomp out toxicity is to coach current and future women and minority owned businesses and aspiring leaders that are about doing good works, possibly on the faith walk, and trying to make a difference.

CPR's practice coach professionals in evolving into Moral leaders. On this YouTube channel, CPR will take you on a journey on how to effectively and ethically operate a successful business while evolving into a Moral leader. Saving the best for last, the coaching sessions are free. This means you pay nothing and view at your own pace. That's right, CPR's new Moral Leadership Coaching channel is dedicated to providing you with free coaching tips and tricks to elevate your leadership style while managing your business.

In 21st century business practice, a leader must make effective, ethical business decisions for the success of the business. So, why subscribe and share CPR Moral Leadership coaching on YouTube?

  1. If you do not think it is possible to main a principled business leadership practice, CPR's coaching session is for you.

  2. If you are tired of the cut-throat, underhanded, competitive nature of doing business, CPR's Moral leadership coaching is for you.

  3. If you are an autocratic, transactional or dictator and you desire change in your leadership style, CPR's Moral leadership coaching is what the doctor ordered.

  4. If you started your faith walk but do not desire to operate unethically, CPR's Moral Leadership coaching is for you.

  5. If you are an aspiring business owner and simply wants to do things right from the get, CPR's Moral Leadership coaching is for you.

So, have your pen, paper, iphone, and android ready. Find a quiet corner and dedicate at least 30mins to 1hr per week to this channel to obtain optimum results. Be sure to subscribe and hit the alert for all future videos on CPR's Moral leadership coaching.

Welcome to CPR's Moral Leadership coaching! Class is indeed in session.

Warm Regards,


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