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Consultant Proficiency Resources presents Healthy=Wealthy Wednesday: Business Check-up

As a business owner, frigid temperature signals three key concerns: (1) physical health, (2) emotional health, and (3) business health. Today's post highlights areas of concern you should consider before 2023 to avoid business sabotage.

Physical Health

Assuming a holistic approach to good health, it is essential to consider some key elements promoting good health:

  • Incorporate cardio in your daily regimen, which can be found in any workout regimen, including walking, running, cycling, jumping rope, and African dancing, to name a few

  • Take your vitamins

  • Double up on your citrus intake (know that Vitamin C can be found in citrus and veggies such as broccoli, red cabbage, and bell peppers)

  • Ensure you include potent herbs in all foods, such as garlic, onion, turmeric, etc

  • Start your new year with some level of fasting, including intermittent fasting. Reduce meals from three to two meals daily while consuming more water

Emotional Health

Emotional health is the ability to accept and manage feelings through challenge and change. As a business owner, the challenges manifest in a # of ways. Thus, emotional health is a crucial ingredient to being an effective leader. Some tips for managing and improving your mental health for 2023 include:

  • Know who you are and where you are in your emotional health. Depending on your status, it may require you to find new friends or lose old friends.

  • The More you Know, the More you Grow! Knowledge is indeed powerful. To maintain control is better to be armed with more information than less information.

  • Stay healthy (see physical health)

  • Get a companion; it just might not be a human. It can be a dog, fish, bird, etc.

  • Be selfless—another attribute of an effective leader. Get involved to alleviate suffering. Although suffering is natural, redirecting your issues to assist someone else brings about perspective.

  • Know your worth. In 2023, regardless of the issues encountered in the calendar year 2022, you have another chance to improve once you have the breath of life.

Business Health

  • Continue developing your leadership skills, invest in yourself

  • Retain your workers; you must invest in your employees as well $$$$

  • Consider collaborations and community partnerships.

  • Know your business's financial status

  • Know your brand

  • Ensure your business documents are in place-there is small business $$$$ support. However, a small business must demonstrate a level of preparedness.

  • Monitor your organization's culture

  • Be prepared to invest in innovation.

Adhering to the above tips will assist with your resuscitation, preventing Business sabotage. For assistance, please send an email to

Warm Regards,


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