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Consultant Proficiency Resources Transformational series: Habits Matter

CPR welcomes you to another business year. The new calendar year is essential for any business that operates on a calendar instead of a fiscal cycle. Be sure to go through the checklist posts completed in the last few days leading up to the end of December 2022. In the Gregorian calendar year, CPR commences with the Transformation series. To affect change requires a few steps, including stomping out bad habits to replace them with good habits; habits do matter in life, including business. Let's begin.

A simple definition of a habit is what we practice. To expand its definition, a habit is a settled or regular tendency, especially one that is hard to give up. There are good and bad habits. What you practice day in and day out becomes habitual. Though not impossible, the longer you practice a habit, the harder to change. There is an adage that old habits die hard. So, it's not impossible; as a business leader, an essential part of increasing revenue is to stomp out negative habits, replace them with good habits, and power through. If you have yet to subscribe to the CPR Moral Leadership Coaching tidbit on YouTube, this is the time. Decide to invest in YOU and your team in 2023: character and habit matter for the success of your business. Please join us on YouTube by subscribing and registering with CPR to follow this blog in 2023.

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