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CPR's Coaching Level UP 2: Episode #7 Summary Edition Premiers March 8th, 2024, on YouTube & Spotify

This episode summarizes the Consultant Proficiency Resources Moral Leadership Coaching building block series for levels UP 1 and 2. Episode 7 briefly summarizes both levels and recommends Minding your Business while Improving your Character. You own Character and rent out titles. What is your character saying to you, your team, and the world? The best way to prove your value to yourself and your team is by Investing resources (time & $).


1-30-minute virtual Assessment & FREE Character Assessment Litmus test. The link is below

2-30-minute virtual Leadership coaching session available. The offer expires on March 31, 2024. Please go to my website below, book online, and select the 30-minute virtual assessment.

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Click book online on the menu bar of CPR's website and select 15-minute or 30-minute business promotion.

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Please visit CPR's online pop-up shop, where you can shop for the perfect inspirational gift.

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