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CPR's Wellness Wednesday series: Tip for the Day

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Last week CPR posted the implementation of power naps (recommended between 10-20mins daily) to recharge you and your team. CPR suggested incorporating power naps as part of your organization's daily schedule. Incorporating power naps in your schedule conveys your promotion of a healthy work environment. Today, I would like to suggest incorporating the power of kindness. Unfortunately, when conducting business in the twenty-first century, most individuals have abandoned old-fashioned manners, including the ability to be kind instead of right. To bring back kindness, leaders must model and lead the way. Let's explore!

Wikipedia defines kindness as "a type of behavior marked by acts of generosity, consideration, rendering assistant or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward in return." One of my favorite quotes on kindness is from the famous author Mark Twain who states, "kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see." That is the point; the language of kindness is easily conveyed globally; conversely, the language of unkindness is understood easily. As the leader, you must underscore that kindness is free, however; the cost of unkindness is detrimental to your work culture, thus impacting your employees and customers; two key stakeholders essential for 21st-century business operations. Today's post is not to sell you the importance of kindness but to illuminate the benefits of kindness and how it can be implemented to improve a toxic work environment.

Benefits of Kindness courtesy of the Wellness Way foundation include:

  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  2. May Reduce Inflammation

  3. Gives You More Energy

  4. Reduces Pain

  5. Increases Lifespan

  6. It's contagious and can change the mood within any environment.

  7. It brings on a euphoric sense of freedom.

  8. Changes the trajectory of a terrible day

  9. Bolsters your social and corporate networks

  10. Speaks louder than your words

As a leader, you can adopt a kind spirit by being intentional and practicing kindness at home and work. Some suggestions on how to incorporate kindness within your organization offered by the Positivity blog are summarized below.

  • Hold the door or elevator for someone. It’s a simple act; folks don’t expect it these days.

  • Make someone smile!

  • Thank your employees with every given opportunity

  • Treat your employees to a healthy power lunch or breakfast.

  • Drive an employee home or to the doctor if the transport is unavailable

  • Making decisions based on the power of kindness is not necessarily correct or cost-effective.

CPR also offers the below recommendations:

  • Start every meeting with a smile. This is contagious

  • Compliment your staff and leave a letter, card, or email of encouragement

  • Offer the spirit of gratitude to elevate your work environment and reinforce your expectation. Say what you are grateful for as an icebreaker.

  • Leave intentional notes on every employee's seat marker, confirming how they contribute to the team.

  • Take this opportunity to spotlight an employee who has gone above and beyond, not just with customers but with team members.

  • Compliment your staff and leave a letter, card, or email of encouragement

  • Grant mercy to an employee that is experiencing hard times. Find ways to render support, not oppress them.

  • Be creative and identify your way of expressing gratitude. It is not complicated.

To conclude, on this Wellness Wednesday, note the following:

Proverbs 11:16-17. "Kindness benefits everyone. It brings joy to the giver and peace to the receiver. The recipient reciprocates because respect is embedded in kindness. Kindheartedness facilitates respect as it treats others with dignity and honor." Go ahead, lead your team with kindness.

Warm Regards,


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