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Give yourself a break!

I say give yourself a break, it's really ok!!

Really!! You don't have to show up for every fight.

Say What?

You heard me, "I said, you don't have to show up for every fight".

Like now!!

Not every time the trolls on Social Media respond to your comment you have to make it a Twitter War.

Tick Tock, time is way to valuable for that!!


Are you dependent on Social Media for Affirmation?

I wonder why do we feel it necessary to spread negativity instead of positivity?

Whether you are a student, employee, boss or entrepreneur I feel it is necessary to cut our self some slack when we are faced with difficult situations. We live in a technological environment and everyone feels pressured to keep up with the Jones'!

This is when I say pause!!

It is my opinion that there is beauty in simplicity. You shouldn't allow someone's feedback to derail your initial objective.

Dear Bullies!

Tell me is it really that hard to be kind to people, look out for one another and just simply be nice to people? This choice and power belongs to you. It's your reaction to a person's response that sets the tone. I am sure you can recall that moment when you had to make that decision. You had to make a choice:

I am here to say it's ok to change your attitude and turn the other cheek. It takes great courage and wisdom to choose kindness over weakness.

You can choose to respond positively or negatively but remember that your next move is what will determine an outcome that can either promote you to the next level or make you regret that whirlwind of mishaps that can follow.

I say play chess and make the right move. If you do then I say.....Checkmate!!

Kindness is free.. Sprinkle it everywhere!!

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