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I can speak, don't stiffle me!!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Please release that pause button:

Yeah! I am talking to you my sister, brother, friend, spouse and anyone who knows someone that was intimidated to speak their truth. Sounds familiar?

Hmm....Let's see...

There are so many stories to tell, you know the ones where we have all experienced and can recall in our lifetime.

Ring a bell?

No!! Let me help you.

You are working for someone who is constantly taking advantage of you and your rights at work.

No!! I am not talking about sexual harassment.... I am talking about that institutional bully.

Yeah!! I said so..

What do you do? I bet you tell the one who is closest to you and then the next step is,

What do I do? First, lets define a bully based on the dictionary's definition.

Bully.. A person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those they perceive as vulnerable.

Now that is clear, a bully believes he has power over you. Let's define Power!!

Power...possession of control, authority or influence over others.

I am here to say, "You have a choice and a voice".

Please Speak UP!!!

You see this message is for those in power who like to abuse it.


Don't underestimate one's silence for weakness. Don't be fooled because it takes great fortitude to remain composed under such hostility and aggression. It is easy for the coward to belittle someone especially if he has company. This makes him feel empowered.

You stop right there!!

He didn't win if you kept your composure because you were still able to speak your truth.

Bravo to you!! It is really hard to do.

My peaceful thinkers, I am so proud of you for waiting for the right time to speak because when you do the perfect words will find you.

Since I am the blogee... this is my opinion. I know far too many stories of people including myself who have been through this. Once you stand up for yourself it sets that Wheel in Motion for the bully to take revenge.


I say stand strong!! Don't be afraid of the bully and its consequences. The worst that can happen is that you get fired. If that happens...

It's not a setback it's a setup!!

I tell you God is amazing and he will always catch you when you fall. I say,

"Let go and let God do the rest, cause when you do then you past the test". JCC blogee says find your voice and become a leader and stand for yourself.

Leader..A good leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and rallies people to move toward that better vision.

Let's take a stance. Stop bullying and be a leader today!!

-JCC Blogee

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