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Yesterday, CPR LLC's blog offered a cost-effective way of creating an internal marketing campaign while saving your company a large sum of money. While there are many creative ideas, one way to guide the novice in the marketing realm is to consider themes emanating from National or Global observances. If you missed reading yesterday's post, please go back before reading this next step. Remember, while there are creative ways in business, taking unnecessary shortcuts will lead to turmoil down the road—one of CPR's recommendations when coaching leaders is to practice the art of identifying free resources. Keeping track of the National or Global observances is one way to link your product or service with potential customers, paving the way to create a Marketing campaign at little or no cost. In the following postings, CPR will illustrate how tracking National observances presented in yesterday's post can be used to develop a daily, weekly, or monthly marketing campaign. Let's begin.

Did you know yesterday was National Pretzel Day? If you did not, you are in line with millions of Americans. While a creative person sees this as an opportunity, an uncreative person may probably say, it's a pretzel, so what? At first glance, that is a fair assessment but allow your mind to be stretched further. As a novice, I need you to apply divergent thinking, thinking outside the box consistently. If you did not review CPR's post on convergent and divergent thinking, please review the post before attempting this process. As a leader, it is essential to foster a creative work environment that will allow ideas to flourish within your organization. Applying divergent thinking at every scheduled meeting will assist you in developing an effective internal Marketing campaign. This, in essence, amongst other free resources, is a Marketing opportunity, in this case, a Marketing campaign ready to be birthed. At this point, chefs and health experts may have a few ideas if they were to generate a Marketing campaign around a pretzel. This signifies that recognizing a marketing opportunity is the first step. Ideas should be meandering in your mind. As ideas germinate, document everything on paper or create a word cloud of ideas. This will undoubtedly help other team members when viewed as a collective. Becoming comfortable with creativity as a constant should allow you and your team to move forward. If you have not cultivated a creative team, please return to some earlier posts promoting a creative and positive work environment for tips.

This is where it gets exciting. The steps are itemized below to facilitate understanding.

  1. National Pretzel Day is the theme or concept. The subject to be explored is the pretzel.

  2. Please list:

    • all the unique things about a pretzel

    • what comes to mind when you think about a pretzel, and

    • all things your product/service has in common with a pretzel

3. Consider the size, texture, color, taste, feel, and a touch of a pretzel

4. Document all the data on paper if this is your first time planning a Marketing campaign with your team.

5. Link common themes with your product or service

6. Rank them in order of priority

7. Consider what is currently going on within your business

8. Mull over your paper for a day or two and reconvene with your team at an agreed- upon time.

9. Don't stress

10. Review at least once per day. Ideas will begin to emerge.

Other recommendations include: (a) go with the original ideas, (b) do not attempt to retain from memory, and (c) sleep with a sheet of paper by your lamp table. Notice I did not say phone. Ideas are likely to emanate in the middle of your rest.

Practice Exercise

Using CPR LLC as an example, your exercise should look like the below with the above data and instructions:

It is considered first that pretzel is a food. That is obvious. In terms of color, it's brown with sometimes white spots (if salted). It's soft; it's baked bread or dough-like substance. A pretzel has a distinctive symmetrical form, twisted, tangled, looped, or intertwined in form and shape. It can be small or large size. It's an American staple with a German dialect, and most loved it.

Can you link the above to your product or service from my description? Can you add any additional characteristics from a pretzel?

For CPR LLC, my Marketing campaign for this month as we celebrate National pretzel day may go like this.

"In a tangle? Call CPR LLC to the rescue. CPR's experts can reshape your business and unloop you from that salty situation. Do you need to revamp your Business plan for that all-important Grant? Does your leadership style need a little CPR? Do you need to hear the voices of your clients? No problem! CPR professional leadership coaching, business writing, and survey designing skills are available at affordable prices.

CPR's team can assist you in untangling your problem and revitalizing your business. Call today for your free 30 min virtual assessment. As CPR celebrates National Pretzel Day in April, CPR will provide the first ten new customers with an additional 20% off its already low prices. Hurry before this offer expires. This offer expires on April 30th, 2022.

Providing the campaign was launched on April 1st, 2022, CPR's internal Marketing campaign can be launched with an anticipated new customer recruitment rate of 5% for April. 5% is solid growth for an internal Marketing campaign with yummy results for a small business. Notice all the words highlighted that were used cleverly linking Pretzel to services available through CPR LLC. This campaign took 30 mins to create. Given more time, it can be improved.

Tomorrow we will consider the launching vehicle of choice for new entrepreneurs. It's only natural to be timid about a new process, but go ahead anyway and give it a shot. Apply the techniques and share your Marketing campaign in the comment section. If you would like to review your process with a member of CPR LLC staff, please register on the home page and request a free 30 min virtual meeting. This offer expires at the end of April 2022. For leadership coaching, training, and other professional services, please go to CPR LLC's home page to register and subscribe or email us at

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner

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