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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

David Marx, the author of Whack a Mole, maintains there is a price to pay for expecting perfection in the workplace. According to David Marx, we all need to accept our fallibility since to err is human. It's with that perspective small business leaders need to self-reflect and assess whether they are impeding on progress to strive for perfection (which is an impossible milestone for you and your team).

So as a leader, what do you do when a mistake occurs? Do you blame your employees, or do you assume responsibility for the error? As a reminder, when in business, committing Acts of Commission is essential. That signifies a few errors will occur prior to getting it right.

As a leader, you must hone your ability to convey corrective action and constructive criticism without impeding your progress. Believe it or not, failing to identify ways to convey positive feedback can cultivate a negative work environment. If not addressed, this can lead to workplace toxicity.

Consultant Proficiency Resources LLC's managing partner was not only responsible for leading culture change within her organization, but CeeCee also studied the Art of Leadership and successfully defended her dissertation titled Changing a Culture within Healthcare: A Case Study. As a result, CPR LL recommends the following tips:

1-if you are a leader or really considering how your skills have negatively impacted your team's progress, you should have a coach to assist you. Register with CPR LLC for a free 30 min virtual assessment.

2-Use this opportunity to self-reflect and take ownership. As a small business owner, the buck stops with you, literally. You ultimately make the final call, so own it and fix it.

3-If needed, communicate your expectations with your team. Do include any topics of perfection.

4-Learn to own your errors in front of your team. This is a healthy practice. In this way, you are cultivating a safe space and place for everyone to own their issues.

Additional tips are available to our Patreon members. Consider becoming a Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC Patreon member today.

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Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC

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