Updated: Mar 14

Listen, hear, and understand are three active skill sets required for leadership. As a leader, most solutions emerge by listening, hearing, and understanding. All three are required prior to making a decision. Whether it's from employees, your business partners, including Board of Directors, consultant, or a competitor, you must actively: LISTEN, HEAR, UNDERSTAND.

This skill set is a necessity and should be practiced daily. Most individuals prejudge a situation and form conclusions prior to applying this skill set. Practicing this loss art can be as simple as listening, hearing, understanding the people in your life, such as your: children, parents, spouse, friend, relative. If you ignore them, you are likely to apply the same energy to your team. Go to workclimate20 (CPR LLC) Instagram page to view how to remedy this situation. Be sure to also register for your 1-on-1 Executive leadership coaching or leadership self-paced module to hone your leadership skill set.

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