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Consultant Proficiency Resources: Art of Communication-Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Practices

Welcome back to another Consultant Proficiency Resources postings on the Art of Communication. This week's CPR explores EQ and the implementation of building one's EQ/EI. Today, CPR reinforces the core competencies, followed by practical action steps. Let's first review some reasons to build your EQ/EI.

The rationale for constructing one's EQ/EI includes the following:

  1. Wanting to succeed in a leadership role

  2. Trying to fit in with a new organization or new team

  3. Attempting to branch out of your network and make new friends or contacts

  4. Starting a new business and wanting to improve your customer service,

  5. It is understanding one's self whereby interacting on a deeper level.

Emotional Intelligence has three core capacities: self-reflection, self-soothing, and empathy. While self-reflection is the ability to identify with various thoughts and sensations, self-soothing helps us enjoy positive support and empathy. Empathy is appreciating someone else's perspective. This week is all about practicing our EQ/EQ.


Self-reflection allows you to reflect and observe yourself. Reflection helps you make conscious choices. As you acknowledge your power, you realize you have a choice in your actions. If self-reflection is lacking, check which of the below applies:

  • Have difficulty learning from experiences.

  • Blame others.

  • Commonly make victim-based statements.

  • Display reactionary behavior.

  • Have difficulty understanding that we choose our response in any given situation.

  • Have limited ability to self-correct.

  • Have difficulty reflecting on how we co-created the outcome.

  • Have difficulty solving problems.


If self-soothing is lacking, the below may occur. Document what applies to you:

  • Hear or accept negative information.

  • Deny things that are true or blame others.

  • Get upset in ways that cause us to feel undervalued or dismissed.

  • Sabotage outcomes.


If empathy is lacking, a document which of the below applies:

  • Not listening

  • They are becoming isolated and out of touch.

  • I am not feeling honored or acknowledged.

  • Believing we don’t count.

  • They are becoming disconnected.

To enhance self-awareness, the VeryWellMind 2022 article provides the following steps:

  • Ask for constructive feedback.

  • Keep a journal

  • Learn new skills

  • Meditate

  • Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

  • Pursue your passions

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Reflect on your experiences.

  • Set goals

  • Use positive self-talk

  • Work on building a growth mindset.

Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming exercises!!! As a reminder, to effect change, you must do 1% of the work daily.

Warm Regards,


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