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Consultant Proficiency Resources: Art of Communication-Self Management

Consultant Proficiency Resources resumes its Art of Communication building block series; today's post offers information on self-management. According to BetterUp 2021 article, “Self-management is our ability to manage our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions in a conscious and productive way. Someone with strong self-management skills knows what to do and how to act in different situations.

From an organizational perspective, team members' ability to consciously and productively to self-manage is critical to the effective functioning of an organization. Part of effective self-management with empowerment is that employees make good decisions about when to seek additional help or input. Self-management is also linked to EQ/EI in that EQ builds self-awareness that will allow leaders to hone their self-management skills. This building of self occurs during the period of self-reflection. If you have not seen episode #7 of Jumpstart with CPR on tips to self-reflect and build your EQ, please go to WONI Podcast and subscribe to access archived audios of this program. Please note the link.

Job Description and Resume Examples 2023 offered 17 Self-Management Skills and Qualities for Success in the Workplace:

1. Stress Management

Stress management in the workplace can be seen as how employees or employers overcome or handle stress in the workplace.

2. Time Management

Time management is a self-management skill that can help you excel in your workplace.

3. Organizing Skill

Organizational skill is one essential skill that shows maturity and personal growth.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is vital to self-management and is very much needed in every workplace.

5. Decision Making

Decision-making can be both personal and professional.

6. Confidence

Confidence is also a leadership quality needed in the workplace and in life.

7. Self-Preservation

Self-preservation is the ability to protect yourself from the risks involved in your job. The truth is that the job you do or want to do may have some mental and physical challenges that come with it.

8. Mental Strength

Mental strength can be developed consciously with time.

9. Accountability

Accountability is the ability to account for your activities in and around the workplace.

10. Creativity

Creativity is the ability to use different techniques to solve any problem. Therefore, it pays to be creative in the workplace.

11. Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is the best form of motivation you can have because it’s not dependent on the activities of anyone.

12. Tolerance

Tolerance is the ability to endure unwanted conditions and events in the workplace, which is one quality you need to have for effective self-management.

13. Communication

Communication is a particular skill to harness in your quest for self-management.

14. Open Mindedness

Open-mindedness always helps you to make sound judgment and reduces your chances of making blunders or costly mistakes in the workplace.

15. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the foundation of creativity.

16. Goal Setting

Goal setting is like creating a mental picture of what you want in your job and life; it is an excellent quality for successful self-management.

17. Versatility

Versatility is the ability to be effective in multiple roles in your work.

For a more in-depth discussion, please tune in every Tuesday on WONIRADIO at 10:15 am central/11:15 am eastern and 4:15 pm central/5:15 pm eastern on follow-up. Jumpstart with CPR episode #9 airs on Tuesday, May 23rd. 2023. The link for WONI RADIO programs is listed below: WONI PROGRAMS | WONIRadio. IF missed, the Jumpstart with CPR podcast is listed above.

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