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Consultant Proficiency Resources: Attitude Check

As we close out the work week, CPR highlights five attitudes that can drive the altitude within your business. Chron newsletter (2019) article proposed the following:

Respect for Others

Respect in the workplace doesn't solely extend to how employees interact with management. People with self-respect don't do managers' bidding no matter what; they think for themselves and present alternative ideas at times, but respectfully.

Infectious Enthusiasm About Life

In general, someone who is enthusiastic about life radiates a positive energy that rubs off on everyone around her. She dives into every project with interest, eagerly learns new skills and ideas, and quickly applies them to her work. Adopt a "glass half full" attitude and encourage employees to build on it.

Commitment to the Job

Small businesses need employees who are committed to the goals and initiatives that affect the bottom line and committed to their particular positions. In addition, everyone benefits when committed individuals work together as a team towards company goals.

Innovative Ideas and Finding New Ways

Employees with an innovative attitude don't shy away from trying something new or finding a different way to do things. Small businesses need employees who can think outside the box and innovate new ways to accomplish existing tasks and approach goals. Promote divergent thinking outside the box.

Helpfulness with Others

A helpful attitude at work is essential, whether assisting clients and customers with their needs or helping co-workers accomplish company goals. The more helpful an attitude employees have, the more people want to be around them at work and the more willing they are to partner with those employees on critical projects and initiatives.

As a leader, fostering an environment conducive to learning, growing, developing, and nurturing your team is important. As a reminder, it is essential to invest in human capital, starting with YOU!

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