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Consultant Proficiency Resources Business Sabotage series: Content Marketing Business Ideas 2023

As you prepare for 2023, small businesses should take inventory of their marketing strategy. One area of 21st-century marketing involves social media in the form of content marketing. Today, CPR recommends ten tips on how to expand content marketing in 2023.

1. Start blogging/vlogging This can be shared on your website or various social media platforms. You may identify themes that can be part of your branding or national campaign themes. 2. Share or impart information on Youtube

Render your company as an expert. Youtube is ideal for gaining practice and growth. It's easy to upload once you have perfected your videos. Put your thoughts on camera and do it.

3. Highlight the Milestones of Your Business Providing you have a loyal following, share important milestones about your business. 4. Talk About Your Success or Challenges of business ownership An aspiring entrepreneur is waiting to be inspired. You may also share tips and hacks on other best practices related to your business. 5. Creating an Infographic* Creating an infographic is an excellent way to repurpose and recycle your blog content. With sharp and aesthetically pleasing images to go with it, your infographic will catch the attention of your viewers. It is also good content for your social media accounts. 6. Follow Up Your Old Content with a Sequel* Look through your old content when you are generating ideas. Please use your old blog posts and do a sequel for them. For example, you can write about the “Best Eyeliners of the Year (2017 edition)” if you have written a 2016 edition before. 7. Explain the Meaning of Your Business These days, businesses want to share and build a connection with their customers online. Explaining the meaning behind your business shows your viewers the company’s core values, vision, and mission. These will resonate with your audience. 8. Highlight Your Products and Services Your blog should be an extension of your business. Hence, write about an exclusive product launch, upcoming sales, and products to look out for in your business. It is an excellent way to get people excited and talking. 9. Make a Quick Poll for Your Readers and Share It You can easily create polls on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Do up a few fun and quick questions and see how people respond. This is not only helpful feedback but also fun for your audience. 10. Feature a professional Having someone credible on your blog is good news. Reach out to them and conduct a quick interview over coffee. Ask your readers to provide some questions too.

While the above content marketing ideas are practical, in 2023, small businesses should consider managing quality over content. Allow your tactical goals and key performance indicators to drive your content marketing vision, then take the necessary steps toward implementation. In addition, 2023 should be driven by uniting as opposed to dividing. More giant corporations may divide their teams, but for small business owners, the size of your organization may not necessarily warrant having a marketing and sales team. Instead, why not align your teams as you move towards achieving common tactical and strategic goals?

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*numbers in red are strong considerations for CPR 2023 content marketing strategy

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