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Consultant Proficiency Resources Business Sabotage series: Lack of Content

CPR's Business Sabotage series presented ten key areas that may render business sabotage. Today's post takes a look at the concept of lack of content. Quality content drives traffic to the organization's website and leads to your business. Content may be written, video, or audio. Current research illustrates that small business owners are required to create content to stay relevant and optimize their business presence on the web. If effectively executed, content may cause a business to be classified as an expert in the set industry.

For 2023, business leaders must consider adding three to five content-driven ideas that could increase their market share as part of their business projections. Today, CPR presents ways to improve the value of your content. This focus pertains to the overall quality of one's content. One example of this is CPR's Moral Leadership Coaching Tidbit pilot series. Initiated in early Dec 2022, the quality of CPR's content on the Moral Leadership Coaching series highlights a step-by-step approach during a leader's transformation to becoming a Moral leader. Note the below link to CPR's youtube Moral Leadership Coaching #4 titled: Character video pilot program.

As you continue to grow your business, it is crucial to provide quality content. Aleppo Media offers tips for improving Business content in the twenty-first century: 1. Create genuinely original content and summarize your points at the top 2. Write strong headlines 3. Links and resources from accredited sources- A good rule of thumb is one or two relevant, accredited links per section. 4. Vary your content, diversify your portfolio 5. Make your content “actionable” and always include a physical Call-to-Action 6. Get social via streams and widgets 7. Moving images such as videos are so important. Videos can garner much attention for your content.

All aspects of business are investments, whether it be time or money. Providing quality content showcasing the benefits of doing business with your organization is one form of investment. Content requires creativity, strong written and oral abilities to capture your audience, a solid technological platform, topics of interest, including the ability to make a boring topic of keen interest for your audience, and a CALL to ACTION. New content creation requires Acts of Commission (aka Trial and Error). Leaders are cognizant of their organization's content by creating, executing, implementing, and publishing it. A courageous leader assumes the necessary risk to ensure quality content for the business. Even if the product is quality content, your audience needs to be drawn to your content. So, get to work

as we prepare to usher in 2023.

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