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Consultant Proficiency Resources: End of Business Year Report out

Taking a leap of faith to pursue your passion is bold, scary, exciting, and a winning formula for securing your future. According to SYNVOUS online 2022 report, entrepreneurship is at an all-time high. Whether the baby boomers are returning to the workforce or workers who exited corporate during the Great American Resignation wave, people are turning their passion into their business. Today's post highlights CPR's 2022 year in review and what every first-year business owner should know.

As the Managing Partner of Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR), it is important to celebrate every milestone. But, unfortunately, with every celebration, we are met with lost opportunities. So, today, we are looking at our 2022 business achievements that, include the following:

1. CPR completed its 1st draft of all business operation requirements, including:

  • a draft of CPR's business and marketing plans (including SWOT analysis)

    • marketing strategy, policies, and procedures

  • five-year projection of S.M.A.R.T goals

  • projecting key performance indicators for 2023

2. Website

  • S.E.O on google

  • Statistics increase:

    • Site sessions, unique visitors, returned visitors, an average session on site,

    • desktop use-64%

    • mobile use-36%

    • Instagram followers-45%

    • HI platform-10%

3. Advertisement

  • yelp business

  • google business

  • Two other platforms-(HI and SI)

4. Collaborations

  • podcast pilot for three episodes-Tender Loving Care

  • Healthy=Wealthy G.R.I.D product

  • Networking

    • referrals/referred-5

5. Applied for five micro-grants

6. Participated as an expert panel on three platforms

7. Initiated two YouTube sites:

  • Stomping Out Toxic Workplace Culture

    • Two themes:

      • Non-Toxic Tuesday

      • Wellness Wednesday

  • CPR Moral Leadership Coaching Tidbit

8. New CPR clients

  • Five new clients

    • Two leadership clients

    • One team-based training

    • Four business plans

    • One marketing plan

    • One marketing strategy

  • One corporate contract

  • One corporate contract is pending.

  • 60%-promotions potential clients for 2023

  • 80% Networking-possible conversions for 2023

9. Content Marketing and Videos

  • 150 blog posts (different sites)

  • 75 infomercial videos

  • Five sale videos

  • Ten promotional videos

    • increase in clientele by 50%

10. CPR branding initiative contracted-(late 2022)

  • website

  • leadership videos

According to a 2019 SBA report, 70% of small businesses fail within their first year of operations. However, the road to success is slim; if you stay the course, you will likely beat the odds. Below are ten recommendations for 2022 doing business within the first year: 1-Fine-tune your business plan or create one 2-Test out marketing tactics 3-Create separate financial accounts 4-Have a financial buffer for the 1st three years of doing business 5-Consider any seed investments and monitor your cash flow 6-SEO (top four)-google, bing, internet explorer, AOL

7-Consider local inexpensive and free advertisement

8-Don't ignore social media platforms

9-Listen to your customers and pay attention to your competition 10-Find support-(SBA, small business consultant)

Warm Regards


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