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Consultant Proficiency Resources How 2 Series: Kindness for Wellness

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

According to The TCM Group (2021), November 13th was designated World Kindness Day. Internationally, during the week of November 13th, leaders are charged more than ever to exercise kindness. As a leader, where motivation plays a huge role, kindness is now categorized as a fundamental leadership capacity. Leaders "are in an influential position to role-model kindness and reap its widespread benefits upon employee wellbeing and engagement."

Kindness is essential in leadership for several reasons: (1) it triggers a release of Dopamine, the ‘Happy Hormone’ in our bodies, to make us feel positive and energized, (2) it promotes a sense of self-affirmation that reinforces self-esteem; and (3) it has also been shown to slow the aging process!

During Wellness Wednesday, CPR asks whether, as a leader, you are doing your best to

reward kindness at work. Kindness should be built into your organizational culture. For this to happen, it must be modeled. As a business owner, you are in the best position to implement, reinforce, and reward kindness while promoting wellness. Today, CPR recommends how kindness can be instituted and sustained within your organization.

  1. Ask for input and encourage employees to contribute to discussions and decision-making.

  2. Remind people their views are valued and respected.

  3. Being a good listener shows team members they are heard in all aspects of life.

  4. Display thank you privately and publicly for specific achievements and behaviors.

  5. Provide opportunities for people to share information about their circumstances.

  6. Be proactive in helping your team meet responsibilities at home by offering flexible working arrangements.

Whether you consider kindness as an investment or a soft skill, like all suitable investments, kindness pays dividends. Employees at the receiving end of kindness display empathy, care, and respect. In return, they perform optimally. In the 21st century, leading with kindness creates a connection with your team, cultivating a high-performance team. One key area where a kind approach to leadership can be applied is within performance management.

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