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Consultant Proficiency Resources How 2 Series: Toxic Cultural Flags

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Last week CPR explored toxic tendencies. Research points to toxic tendencies as one of the first cultural flags, a warning that your organization is evolving into a Toxic culture. At this point, it should be no surprise that toxic tendencies can affect your organization’s culture. Toxic tendencies are likened to carbon monoxide. It slowly permeates the environment. According to experts, carbon monoxide is odorless. So, it can easily creep in, unbeknownst to the individual. What is your Carbon Monoxide detector for sniffing out toxic tendencies that can evolve into a toxic culture? a

Upon researching signs of a Toxic work environment, today's post shed light on the top 30 cultural flags of a Toxic culture.

1. Executives are not in alignment with the Mission and vision of the organization

2. Unilateral communication, which is ineffective communication

3. Human Resources or equivalent protects the bully or culprit and not the victim

4. Low Morale-employees do not feel heard

5. Rumors and gossip run rampant

6. Cutthroat competition is nurtured

7. Dual policies exist at the same time

8. Punctual is neither valued nor respected; employees know such antic is tolerated.

9. Unfair advantage through nepotism, favoritism, sexism, and racism is on display

10. Long work hours without breaks are encouraged

11. Long work weeks are also encouraged

12. Disdain for a healthy and creative work environment

13. Divergent and Critical thinking is disregarded

14. Employees are vocal upon leaving

15. Employees are fearful of speaking up for fear of retaliation and personal experience

16. Bullying is witnessed among staff

17. Employees are scolded in the open

18. Physical abuse of employees

19. There is little decorum and professionalism

20. Employees are not credited with their work, often ideas are credited to the executives

21. Only certain chosen employees are publicly praised.

22. Managers are not encouraged to promote from within

23. Public humiliation is encouraged

24. Silos-invisible walls that keep everyone in their place

25. Interaction and blending of departments are discouraged

26. Leadership abuses their power

27. Leader lacks leadership skills to motivate

28. Leader does not lead by example

29. High turnover rate & High sick rate.

30. Promiscuity on the job.

Ultimately, neither plants nor animals survive toxic environments; why should employees force to strive in a toxic work environment? Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for Jumpstart with CPR as we discuss this topic and more. This week, Jumpstart with CPR discusses Toxic tendencies that can grow into workplace toxicity.

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