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Consultant Proficiency Resources Moral Leadership series: Pause, Reflect, Think

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

CPR tackles the 1st box on the Moral Leadership matrix on a faithful, fun, fact-based Friday. If you have yet to review any of the Moral Leadership postings, please commence with the first posting before reading today's post. Today's Business + Biblical/Toral principles are: "start with a pause" + reconnect with the biblical Ten commandments.

Hold up, please do not jump off this express train to evolve into the new YOU. Trust the process. Yes, it might be uncomfortable. According to the adage, "no pain, no gain." CPR's goal is to assist you in weeding out the tares. If you are serious about Leadership development, stick with this series and follow CPR on the youtube Moral Leadership Coaching tidbit channel. To evolve into a Moral leader, CPR's winning formula of combining Biblical/Torah principles + Business principles is an excellent place to start. Today, we will leave you with more meat to marinate on. Consider the following:

Business Principles

CPR advocates for the active process of self-reflecting. A leader must:

  • Pause, see the humanity in every encounter,

    • In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over, it is essential to understand how to view humanity in each other and what motivates us to perform. (Check out CPR's motivation series)

  • Allow autonomy and self-respect within the workspace.

    • In a morally decaying society, we must demonstrate civility, self-respect, and a level of freedom for creativity to flourish. The alternate leads to a bullying & toxic work culture.

  • Demonstrate humility.

    • Lead by example. If you lead with an ego, so will your team. The question becomes who is left to follow the chiefs you have created.

  • Return to ethical decorum.

    • More than 20 years ago, the status quo was professional decorum. It was clear what the expectations were. Today ethical decorum is likened to searching for a pea in a cornfield. Food for thought!

  • Seek truth and not alternate facts

    • Facts still matter

  • Possess moral fortitude and,

    • Leading against the grain requires courage. Moral fortitude is emboldened when you believe in the cause. It's worth it to be the exception, not the norm.

  • Put to the test

    • The best way to know who you are is when you are tested, so put on your seatbelt and enjoy the journey.

Biblical Torah Principles-Reconnect with the Ten Commandments-Exodus 20:1-17

A significant component of self-reflection is understanding the comparisons. What is your moral compass? When exploring Moral leadership, it begins with elementary principles for life emanating from Biblical or Torah principles.

  • Reconnect with the Ten Commandments

    • simple-it's tenets for living on earth

  • Work & play with wisdom

    • Lead with wisdom. Allow wisdom to occupy residence and kick foolery to the curb. Wisdom must become your persona in the playroom and boardroom.

  • Lead by example

    • Employees often mirror what their leaders do. It behooves you to do the right thing.

  • Maintain humility

    • Humility keeps you grounded. This is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Humility allows you to see the whole picture eye perspective. Ego and pride impede your vision.

  • Uphold biblical principles

    • Biblical principles should be your compass.

  • Seek and pursue the truth

    • A wise leader seeks truth. Do not rely on tales.

  • Develop Moral fortitude

    • Maintain business relationships and friendships with like-minded individuals. This means your core group will likely shrink after making the necessary changes.

  • Gold tried in the fire.

    • The purity of gold is that it does not break when placed in the fire; gold becomes more malleable. Gold can be shaped and formed in the way the Creator intended.

In conclusion, according to The HOW Institute of Society, "artificial intelligence (AI) has redefined how work is done." In an era of technology, we have become increasingly robotic when working alongside each other. If this is true within your organization, this series will get you back on track. We are Growing, Leading, and Evolving together.

Warm Regards,


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