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Consultant Proficiency Resources Moral Leadership series: The Seed

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The conception of any living organism commences with the seed. Plant your favorite fruit tree, or vegetable harvest starts with a single seed. We also are aware of biblical seeds, whether Abraham's seed in Genesis or the seed of faith is the size of a mustard seed in the book of Matthew. According to the author of Atomic Habits, Mr. James Clear, "the seed of every habit is a single decision." Deciding to improve or do things differently starts with a single seed. Seeds spur life. Life suggests the ability to flourish, grow, expand, and develop. Today's post, CPR, explores how one idea or seed can be used to change your leadership trajectory.

2023, do you seek to improve your leadership style? The idea of change is a seed germinating, which is the impetus for change. Providing you seek to elevate your leadership style, you must self-reflect and build self-awareness. Self-awareness would increase the need to grow exponentially in a luscious, verdant shade that inhabits, grows, nourishes, and protects. After self-reflecting and building self-awareness is the ability to self-correct. This process requires dedication, time, and energy.

You must be intentional in trading off corrupt fruits for good fruits daily. According to Mr. Clear, if you were to do 1% of the work daily, you would improve your skills by 37%. The qualitative data is indisputable. Are you ready to elevate your leadership style? You can affect change by intentionally taking tiny steps daily. It's a marathon and not a dash, so enjoy the journey. Be sure to view CPR Moral Leadership Coaching tidbit episode #7 Atomic Habits for the corresponding video once published on youtube.

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