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Consultant Proficiency Resources Non-Toxic Tuesday: See How to Fix Your Bad ATTITUDE

Welcome to another non-toxic Tuesday. Today we will peek through the lens of someone that carries a negative or bad attitude with pride. In last week's post, we highlighted 17 signs of a bad attitude; today, we consider how to improve. CPR proposes the below bullet points:

  • Start with the man in the mirror; change your perspective if you cannot change the situation. It just might be you. So take accountability for your part and change it.

  • Stay optimistic and express gratitude for the present.

  • When angry with someone, write ten things you admire about them.

  • Practice mindfulness. Consider consuming biblical scriptures demonstrating wisdom at work if you are on your faith walk.

  • Think about how fortunate you are to be pursuing your passion.

Consider some other factors. For example. if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, that may be the reason for the poor attitude. There will always be someone smarter, sociable, prettier, handsome, more affluent, etc. To do the work, also consider the following during your self-reflection:

1-Be Gracious of Someone's Success

What you can do: When you hear of someone else’s success or good fortune, be as happy and grateful for them as you would be for yourself. Make it a habit to see everyone’s wins as a win for you, too.

2. Exercise Patience

What you can do — Remember that while you know how long it should take to do something, other people are dealing with things you can’t see. So it’s easier to be patient when you choose instead to think of how grateful you are for what they do.

3. Practice incorporating CPR's Moral Leadership Coaching tidbits on youtube. CPR recommends that we self-reflect as leaders. When you self-reflect, this practice builds self-awareness, which builds self-check and will ultimately improve self-control.

4. Volunteer

5. Respect everyone regardless of who you think they are

What you can do — Practice being the first to show respect and appreciation. Don’t worry if others don’t return the favor. Act as if you see the good in everyone, and you will.

6. Slow Down

What you can do — Slow down and learn to appreciate what’s around you.

7. Adjust Expectations

What you can do — Get better acquainted with other people’s reality. Adjust your expectations to allow for the unexpected variables that go with being human.

8. Do not Assume, instead ask

What you can do — Remember, you’re not a mind-reader. And it doesn’t cost you a thing to flip your default interpretation to a positive one. It doesn’t mean you have to assume everyone has good intentions. Just don’t be quick to think everyone hates you.

9. Character matters-be. Honest

What you can do — A good friend will have your back and tell you when they disagree. Learn to appreciate the people who care enough about you to be honest.

10. Manage Wounds

What you can do — The best way to start the healing process is to think about what you love about this person and what you can do and enjoy now. Think about what you love, and make more room for that.


Check your attitude at the door.

What you can do — If your attitude puts people off, they’re doing you a favor by pointing that out. It’s on you to change your attitude by changing your perspective.

As a reminder, "your attitude, not your aptitude, dictates your altitude."-Zig Zigler. So, as you continue your journey, be reminded to do the work daily to affect change, day in and day out.

Warm Regards,


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