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Consultant Proficiency Resources presents Wellness Wednesday

As we welcome another Wellness Wednesday, CPR recommends getting away on some weekends to foster recharge during the work week. Over the weekend, I was invited to go apple picking. Upon arrival, my troubles dissipated instantly. The beautiful hue that emanates during the autumn months includes the change in foliage, the sunset, the overall environment, and the serenity of a rural setting. It was breathtaking and therapeutic. CPR Wellness Wednesday tip, encourage your team to recharge in a different environment, like a more rural area. If you work and reside in the country, venture out for a taste of city life. Upon their return, your employees will likely be energized and more creative, with ideas to solve the tasks. So, while a respite during the week is suitable for a team, a trip away for the weekend also helps you and your team. A change of environment is a bonus to business owners.

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