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Consultant Proficiency Resources: Receiving Feedback

The Art of Communication series continues with how to receive feedback as a person and leader. A leader who self-reflects and is self-aware is more likely to have higher emotional intelligence, which equips the leader with the capability to receive feedback. Today's post renders some tips on receiving feedback. Let's first establish the fact that feedback is linked to value. A leader must be mindful of the value that comes with removing blind spots, allowing one to view areas that might have been hidden. To improve, a leader enlists assistance from the team. Effective feedback can often help you develop, so use it as an opportunity to learn and take ownership of the situation. Today, we will consider some tips provided by Indeed 2023.

1-Be open-minded Being open-minded can help you be more receptive to feedback. It's worth understanding that a situation can have multiple perspectives. 2-Be aware of your body language Your body language can communicate a negative attitude, even if you listen to the other person. 3-Express your gratitude Expressing your gratitude when someone gives you feedback is sensible, even if it includes criticism. This is a way of showing you're receptive and open to developing your performance. 4-Reflect on the feedback After receiving feedback, it's worth taking some time to reflect. This might be more challenging to do at the moment. 5-Follow up Following up on the feedback you receive is an excellent way to confirm you've correctly understood it and have made appropriate changes.

Cultivating an organization where feedback is the norm suggests your organization and team are secure in their respective roles and are more engaged with a greater sense of purpose at work.

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