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Consultant Proficiency Resources salute to our many Presidents

As the US celebrates Presidents' Day, CPR stands with the myriad of small businesses as Presidents and CEOs of their business operations. As presidents and CEOs of our businesses, our responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Establishing and carrying out organizational or departmental procedures, goals, and policies

  • Directing and overseeing an organization’s budgetary and financial activities

  • Managing general activities associated with providing services and making products

  • Consulting with other board members, executives, and staff about general operations

  • Negotiating and approving agreements and contracts

  • Appointing managers and department heads

  • Ensure to invest in human capital (professional development)

  • Analyzing performance indicators, financial statements, and sales reports

Depending on the organization's size, other job duties may include: Brainstorming and planning long-term and high-level strategies to improve organizational processes, identifying areas to cut costs while improving programs, and improving one's organizational culture.

Whether left or right wing, as we remember the Presidents that were integral in making our countries what they are today, we can pay homage by simply paying attention, learning from their mistakes as we continue our entrepreneurial journey, and performing Acts of Commission, that is doing the work to resolve any handicaps.

Happy Presidents' Day!!!!!

Warm Regards,


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