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Consultant Proficiency Resources: The Art of Communication-4 Strategies

CPR's Art of Communication series continues with four strategies that may assist in honing one's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) daily. Research portends there are four strategies we can implement throughout our lives. The below 2019 article from Positive Psychology goes in depth with four strategies. Let's view the four and their significance.

1. Acknowledgment

2. Mirroring

3. Modulation and,

4. Creating or Co-creating


Acknowledgment of the self and others with recognition of the self as separate from the others is the first component. This includes honoring each individual’s right to have his or her own experience. This acknowledgment, first of oneself and then of the other is the foundation for self-reflection and differentiation.


Mirroring is the next component. Mirroring expands and deepens this acknowledgment of the other’s experience. Recent research has indicated that mirroring is perhaps the most powerful form of empathy. As you observe how other people act and behave you will internally feel what they feel.


Modulation is the 3rd component. Self-soothing behavior originates from the caregiver in childhood. Once we learn to modulate our own experiences, we can then help modulate others. This type of learning helps the brain to develop.

Creating or Co-creating

Creating or Co-creating is the final component. As children, our caregivers provide an alternative activity to help us move forward as we explore and learn. As adults, we can arrive at the same place by using our own internal voice. According to Fonagy (2000), organizations made up of people cannot effectively co-create without attending to these first steps. This foundation is laid down in the first four years of life.

Knowing that our formidable years hold much power as to how we mature as adults. It behooves us to not only pay attention to what we do and say but how we respond in front of our youth, whether at home, in the classroom, or at a social gathering.

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