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Consultant Proficiency Resources: Wellness Wednesday

Consultant Proficiency Resources welcome another Wellness Wednesday. Today, consider green while working, sleeping, workout, or playing. No More Meat Athlete offers 7 ways to eat more greens. Let's take a look.

Above illustration is a cabbage, kale, and arugula salad topped with green peas and a healthy portion of sauteed salmon.

1. Start a daily salad habit

First, you can make a giant salad with peas or beans, two kinds of greens (in this case kale and arugula, with side red and white cabbage, add olive oil, sprit of vinegar, other side protein optional.

2. Blend greens into your smoothie.

Even if green smoothies aren’t your thing, you can still get a serving of fresh greens in your morning smoothie. Spinach is the favorite of most health nuts.

3. At dinner time, think “grain, green, and bean.”

Let’s face it: with the busy lives most of us lead greens don’t make it onto the dinner plate very often. So, your strategy is simple, the more colorful the better.

4. Make greens the main event.

Sure, a grain, a green, and a bean will get you a small serving of greens most nights.

5. Find a side dish you love.

Like I said, when life gets busy, we tend to omit the greens in favor of getting something (anything!) that’s vegan on the table. Consider cruciferousveggies such as broccoli or brussel sprouts.

6. Juice them.

Yes, I know.

Juicing greens isn’t the same as eating greens. You don’t get all the fiber, and it’s easy to go overboard on the juice and get too much sugar (especially if you’re juicing fruits).

And the truth is, juicing leafy greens is tough, just because the yield is low. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. 7. When all else fails (and maybe even when it doesn’t)… use a greens powder. Be sure to check the manufacturing label before using any protein powder.

While the above methods are good recommendations, let's face it. It is hard to consume greens. So why not just have fun while consuming? Afterall, the more you know, the more you grow.


Warm Regards


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