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CPR's How 2 Series: Project Deliverables

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Last week's post ended with implementing a PDCA or PDSA based on opportunities you might have identified from your SWOT Analysis. The goal for every leader is to take the time to test whether the opportunity identified is a good decision for the organization. A leader then tests the concept or idea by piloting a set program or idea on a small scale. Incorporating the PDCA or PDSA methodology is an effective way to monitor for quality outcomes. By design, these steps become a project.

Today's post, courtesy of Masterclass (2021), provides some tips for Optimizing the Deliverable Process. Below are tips for effectively developing and tracking your deliverables:

1. Focus on the project’s objective. Before planning your deliverables, you must know your desired goal or end. With a clear end goal, you can decide how to prioritize the deliverables.

2. Make a list of all deliverables. Keep a running list of deliverables in your project to help you understand how much work the project will require. This will ensure your resources meet your goals.

3. Clearly define project deliverables. Ensure that your deliverables are concrete and measurable.

4. Establish a project timeline. Design a clear and concrete timeline outlining each deliverable's due date.

5. Use project management software (PMS). While it’s possible to keep track of complex projects on your own, project management software can be a beneficial resource for project management professionals (PMPs).

PMSs have several project management tools that allow project managers (and the project management office, or PMO) to track progress, filter project views, and organize critical deliverables in one place. As a leader, the key is to monitor and update accordingly.

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