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CPR's How 2 Series: Total Quality Management-Pros vs Cons

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Considering the economic forecast for the upcoming months, business owners need to collaborate and focus on the quality of their deliverables, albeit goods or services. Consultant Proficiency Resources continues its How to series with the pros and cons of Total Quality Management.

As a reminder, TQM is grounded in training and tools to improve processes and the quality of deliverables. Today, we will consider some advantages and disadvantages of TQM.


  • Delivers more robust, higher quality products to customers

  • Results in lower company-wide costs

  • Minimizes waste throughout the entire production and sale process

  • Enables a company to become more adaptable


  • It may require substantial financial investment to convert to TQM practices.

  • Often requires conversion to TQM practices over a long period.

  • May be met with resistance to change

  • Requires company-wide buy-in to be successful

The most significant disadvantage to TQM is that it requires a Moral leader and a culture change. TQM is inoperable in a culture of shortcuts and get-rich schemes. It's your call!

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