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CPR Level UP: Create, Motivate and Inspire for 2024

Don't wait for the opportunity, create it. For our level up series, today's post will assist you to create, motivate, and inspire you and your team for 2024. Consider the following:

1. Strive for the 3Ps: 1st step is prayer. The next step is to establish both personal and professional life balance. Make a concerted effort to improve work life balance.

2. Self-care is not self-fish. Let’s learn about the safety mechanics from the aviation industry. Taking care of yourself is essential for staying motivated and focused. Self-care includes enough sleep, healthy diet, and a regular exercise regimen. Taking care of yourself will help you stay energized and focused on your goals.

3. Self-reflect, build self-awareness

Listen to that voice, be honest with yourself and pursue that which really matters to you. Own your life. Do not surrender your dreams to anyone. Do not be afraid to pursue it. Being honest with yourself will motivate you to do what satisfies you and makes you happy.

4. Be fearless and take risks

Don’t be afraid to try new things and take risks. Taking risks can lead to new opportunities and experiences that can help you grow and develop.

5. Focus

Laser focus is the order of the day. Take one goal at a time and throw the weight of your energy on it. When you achieve it, you will be more motivated to move on to the next challenge.

  • Focus on the negatives: Mistakes are a part of life, and it’s important to learn from them. Instead of dwelling on your mistakes, use them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Focus on the positives and use them to motivate yourself to keep moving forward.

6. Choose your circle wisely

Surround yourself with positive people. Positive people can provide you with support, encouragement, and inspiration when you need it most.

7. Celebrate your successes

Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may seem. Celebrating your successes can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

8. Understand your failures

There are lessons to be learned. Don’t ignore them and certainly don’t be embarrassed of a defeat. Face failure and from that you can breed success. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. Embrace them, work with the negatives. They would take you closer to your next level in life.

9. Stay organized

Staying organized can help you stay focused and motivated. Make a plan and stick to it. Break your goals down into smaller, more manageable tasks, and tackle them one at a time.

10. Review your vision board or business plan

Your goals may be just fine, but there may be a deficiency in the plans and strategies you formulate to get to the next level of success in your life. C

11. Step out of your comfort zone

Welcome constructive feedback. Try approaching family, friends, peers, colleagues, partners, collaborators etc. It takes discipline to learn to accept criticism. You will turn out to be a more tenacious when you face obstacles and persistent in your ambitions. You will grow in character as a person, and that would enable you to reach the next level in your life. Also, b

12. More praise and less complaints

The nature of humans unfortunately is to complain and whine. If you are not satisfied with your current status, that is understandable but do something about it. Replace complaints with a grateful heart and take to action. Certainly, challenge yourself, aim higher and have the faith that you were created for a purpose. So go out there and pursue it.

13. Aim High, Dream Big, Go for it!

Dream big and aim for the stars. We have all heard that motivational mantra. Yes, it is important to know that only you can set your goals, achieve your goals, and adjust your goals. So, for better or for worse, it's all on you. Don’t give others people the power to control your thoughts and emotions. So set goals, short vs long term goals and put markers in place to achieve them within a set time.

14. Action Items to Achieve Goals

Make your plan and manage your plan by organizing your daily routine in the direction of your goals and wake up with a schedule and check off the actions accomplished at the end of the day. Be consistently, consistent!

15. History is your Marker, Remember it and Do Better

The famous quote by George Santayana, which states " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." This signifies that people who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are going to make the same mistakes. So, you cannot forget your history. History needs to be analyzed, so past mistakes do not lurk. Once you are cognizant of the issue, you learn from it and do better.

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