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CPR Level Up series: Benefits of Honing your Power Skills for 2024

Updated: Jan 30

Regardless of the advancement of technology, strong skill sets are still required. More specifically, strong power skills can assist in leveling up personally or professionally. Power, soft, and people skills are still needed for 2024. It can very well be the difference between your next customer or not.

  • Discovering untapped talent: You may find that an entry-level employee has a knack for customer service and sales. Helping them hone these skills can lead to your organization hiring from within when the need for a new salesperson arises.

  • Creating an agile workforce:  When your employees have strong power skills, like problem-solving, they adapt quicker to the unknown—new technology or a worldwide pandemic that disrupts everything.

  • Improving company culture: Improving power skills can lead to an inclusive workplace that often leads to a more positive and inviting company culture.

  • Increasing productivity: Employees with strong power skills often work faster and are more productive overall.

  • Improving employee retention: When you offer training and other opportunities to help employees improve their skills, it shows them that you value them. This can lead to more significant retention numbers.

  • Attracting high-quality talent: When your company culture is positive, and your employees are happy, your reputation as a desirable workplace grows. This can help you attract new high-quality talent when necessary.

  • Creating greater customer satisfaction: Employees with strong power skills can quickly adapt to customers' changing needs. This often leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.

  • Creating successful managers and leaders:  Good managers and leaders often have strong power skills. Honing these skills can help you develop future leaders that you can hire from within your workforce.

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