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CPR Level Up Series: Networking Tips

CPR Level U.P., Unlock your Potential series, resumes with tips on how to form stronger connections. On our radio program Jumpstart with CPR, in episode #43, Generation Z shared some critical tips that every business leader should heed, which links to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn. According to this study," LinkedIn reveals that 79% of professionals consider networking an essential part of their career success. Another 70% were hired within a company where they already had a connection. "

Today, CPR offers some additional networking tips, including digital networking.

1) Embrace Digital Networking

In the 21st century, networking goes beyond physical boundaries. Similarly to classrooms and business meetings, a shift towards digital networking is equally as crucial as physical face-to-face networking. A Forbes (2022) study explored why virtual meetings remain important post-pandemic. According to the data, the following ranked in importance:  

  • Time efficiency – 92% 

  • Cost savings – 88% 

  • Location and timing flexibility – 76% 

  • Allowing the participant to multitask – 64%  

  • Increased productivity – 55%  

  • Ability to archive sessions – 49%  

  • Reduced peer pressure – 16%  

2) Build a Personal Brand

Step one of traditional and digital networking is building a polished professional identity. 

While anyone can have an online presence, not everyone successfully builds a brand name for themselves. The key is consistency and aligning the goals with how a person presents themselves online. You must take the time to invest in your brand.

3) Expand Your Circle

The essence of networking is to expand one’s circle, make connections, and build relationships. Take it across generations and cultures.

4) Master the Art of Online Conversations

Online conversations are different from face-to-face or professional phone conversations. Some tips that can assist and enhance your online conversations:

  • Active engagement 

  • Prompt responses. 

5) Offer Value First (The Reciprocity Principle)

Offering value first could be one of the most crucial networking tips for the upcoming year.  

Often, this would lead to others reciprocating to the same extent. 

6) Attend Hybrid Networking Events

Traditional face-to-face networking will never go out of style.  However, its digital form offers incredible convenience and efficiency. Both types of networking have significant advantages

7) Online Reputation Management

First impressions make all the difference in networking but don’t underestimate second ones. Assuming an individual stands out during an in-person networking event, simple internet research is all it takes to change someone’s opinion.

8) Join Niche Communities

While expanding one’s circle and building connections worldwide is something to keep in mind for the upcoming year, it doesn’t negate the importance of niche communities. 

Although they’re much smaller, the networking opportunities are endless.  

Niche communities offer specialized knowledge and connections that broader networking events can’t replace.

9) The 30-Second Elevator Pitch

Like the back of your hand, know your elevator pitch.

10) Measure & Adapt

One final networking tip is understanding that this is a constantly evolving process. What is popular now might not be in a couple of years. So, be ready to pivot.

Today's post reinforces the importance of Networking, face-to-face and digital. With an evolving business landscape, leaders must be ready to pivot, adapt to Level UP, and unlock their potential.

Warm Regards


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