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CPR Level Up series: No One Knows About Your Business Now What?

Updated: Jan 30

In business, most of us commence from a similar starting point. This means an uphill battle needs to be won, the battle of It's ME. Huh? Well, allow me to explain. So, you have a brainchild of an idea, and you are not the 50th generation of a filthy rich relative. This means no seed money, no referrals, no network, no brick-and-mortar set up for your opening date, NOTHING! Can you hear me now? Then, the next step is to certainly take that creative seed and pack on your faith and know whether your idea is novel or whether you can provide more effective and affordable services.

Fast forward to year one or two of your business, and now what? It is one of the best techniques, yet the most dreaded is networking. Networking is one of the best techniques, yet the most dreaded; whether via partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships, referrals, or simply put, networking is the next action item to Level up in 2024. The genuinely remarkable ones possess a unique blend of characteristics that set them apart or have adopted great qualities that allow them to be seen. Today, we will explore some key attributes of a great networker and how you can cultivate the skill sets to Level Up. While there are a lot more, let's consider at least ten attributes of an effective networker:

  1. Authenticity

  2. Strong Communication Skills

  3. Empathy

  4. Emotional Intelligence

  5. Reciprocity

  6. Curiosity: Don't rely solely on book smarts.

  7. Continuous Learning

  8. Strategic Approach

  9. Reliability and Follow-Through

  10. Positive Attitude

In an era where relationships are a valuable currency, the characteristics of a great networker hold immense power. Authenticity, communication skills, empathy, reciprocity, curiosity, strategic thinking, reliability, and a positive attitude intertwine to create a tapestry of networking success. By cultivating these characteristics, you can elevate your networking game, forge connections that advance your professional endeavors, and enrich your personal life. Remember, networking isn't just about who you know—how well you can engage, empathize, and collaborate with others in your workspace and beyond.

While CPR explored most of the above attributes, the one left unturned is that of reciprocity. So, what is reciprocity? We will explore reciprocity in our next post. Please stay tuned and be sure to share, like, and subscribe!


To quantify your networking skills, simply check which of the ten attributes above applies to you. That number is your numerator, then divide by 10.

For me, I checked 7 out of the ten attributes. That is 7/10=70%. This signifies that I have more work to do. What is your number? Please self-reflect, conduct the brief math test, and share in the comment section. Sometimes sharing with others make you more accountable to yourself.

Warm Regards,


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