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CPR Level Up series: Provides Dos & Don'ts for Referral Programs

There is a new work week and new tips for leveling up for the 2024 business year. Today, CPR explores the Dos and Don’ts of a Referral Program. To conclude the Referral Program series, we offer quick tips on do's and don'ts for your consideration today.

Do 1-Follow-Up Quickly When you get a referral from a happy customer, that is marketing gold. Don’t waste the opportunity that the referral provides. Follow up with the potential new client as quickly as you can.

2-KISS Please keep it simple. Sure, your best customers love (or like) your business, but there are limits. They will happily help you and themselves, but only if it’s easy.

3-Make It Shareable Make it easy for customers (new and old alike) to share their experience, as well as your referral program benefits, on social media. Have social share buttons on the appropriate pages and in the appropriate places.

4-Automate It may be that your business lends itself to using a cloud-based referral marketing software program.


1-Pick the Wrong Rewards/Incentives The key to this whole thing is having a rewards program that gets someone to take action on your behalf. No matter how much they like you, that doesn't happen if your incentives do not incentivize you.

2-Keep It a Secret This is a marketing campaign. Treat it as such.

3-Fail to Reward Extra Referrals Once customers refer someone to you, they are far more likely to do so again, but they need some reason to go beyond altruism. Creating a tiered reward system for extra referrals does just that. Considering your revenue, the Referral Program can be inexpensive and effective.

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