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CPR's Level UP series: Requires Action, not Inaction.

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

As we continue Consultant Proficiency Resources' Level Up series, it is essential to underscore that inaction is classified as business sabotage. Inaction impedes business success. Today's post recommends several steps to transition from inaction to action. Today, we consider the physical reasons, according to Dr. Steven Hayes's 2018 article in Psychology Today for inaction and how to shift:

Step #1

Before anything can change, you have to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth: this occurs through self-reflection. Frequently procrastinators avoid any activity that brings them into contact with complicated feelings. Hence, they avoid and postpone. That may be categorized as sophomoric tendencies. Difficult decisions must be made to Level UP, so avoid childish ways.

Step #2

Make Room for Discomfort, CPR says, but don’t remain there. If you hang around that zone for too long, it becomes more challenging to get out of it. So, know yourself and create that happy balance.

Step #3

Connect With Your Why. There’s no need to feel discomfort if it’s not in the service of something important. So, focus on the why. In this era of social media, many of us focus on what they think. Who are they? Focus on what matters, according to Dr. Hayes, and ask the following questions:

  1. Why is it essential for you to take action?

  2. What’s on the other side of taking action?

  3. Is it to enhance your career?

  4. Is it to care for your health?

  5. Or is it about being there for the people that you care about?

Then, focus on taking action. If it is your divine purpose, you are called to do it, if you are ready to Muscle up or Level UP. Get clear on your goals and values and let them fuel you towards action.

Step #4

Set a Commitment and ask yourself the following:

  1. What are you willing to commit to?

  2. What are you willing to do?

  3. When are you willing to do it?

  4. Where are you willing to do it?

  5. Finally, are you willing to break your contract or commitment to YOU?

In reality, it doesn’t have to be something big. You can start with an easy goal (aka milestones). Document your commitment to you. Sign off on a contract to YOU.

If you cannot commit to YOU, you are not ready to Level UP or Muscle UP.

Step #5

Start! Do something now, no matter how small. Then do the next thing, but stay with the process … don’t let the Dictator Within start bossing you around.

If you begin to stumble, recycle through steps 1 through 5 above.

To summarize: your inability to take action might be the enemy at work. If needed, it’s important to pray and fast to identify the reason. Then, understand that you will not bully yourself into submission. Take ACTION TODAY!

Warm Regards,


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