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CPR Level Up series: Value-Based Leadership Promotes Creativity

Updated: Jan 30

CPR offers critical tips for leveling up as the world counts down to the business calendar year 2024. Today, CPR proposes the power of a new business leadership concept of Values-based leadership. Similar to a Moral and ethical leader, a Values-based leader possesses similar traits likened to a Moral and ethical leader.

Today's post will consider four key traits:


Values-based leaders take time daily to reflect on their recent decisions and motivations. Doing so allows them to reevaluate their values, determine their purpose, and discover what matters to them as leaders. Strong leaders have the willingness to assess themselves in these areas and the honesty to diagnose the truth.


All leaders tend to have a degree of self-confidence, but values-based leaders understand that some leaders are better than them. They also understand that, as leaders, they are continuously learning and evolving. Values-based leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, surrounding themselves with those who complement their skills.


Good leaders understand who they are and where they came from. Humility for leaders is the belief that they are no different from those who work for them. These leaders believe that every employee is as valuable to the company as they are. Humble leaders do what it takes to lift their teams and ensure they are well cared for for their work.

4-Positive influence

By exemplifying the company's core values in their work, values-based leaders support their teams by serving them and ensuring they receive the best benefits in every situation. They also become excellent examples of what a good leader is to all within an organization. When presented with a leadership task, other employees often feel encouraged to emulate their values-based leader, improving the quality of work throughout the organization.

All four traits are essential for becoming an effective leader during turbulent times. If you lack any of these tracksuits, you can commence the work to evolve into a value-based leader.

For our Moral Leadership Level up, be sure to visit us on youtube by clicking on the below.

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