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CPR Moral Leadership Coaching series: Administering CPR's D.O.S.E.

Today's post provides tips on administering your D.O.S.E. to evolve into a Moral leader. The term Atomic Habits promote doing the work daily. Doing the workday in and day out, CPR recommends that you consider the following:

  • Diligence & Dedication

  • Offensive posture

  • Strategic and Systematic

  • Enlighten & Engage


To effect change, a leader must be diligent in attaining their goals. Diligence requires determination and dedication. This signifies taking small but necessary steps daily. One way to incorporate this technique is by placing a daily reminder of your leadership goals and monitoring closely.

Offensive Posture

Offensive lends to assuming a proactive stance in addressing issues that likely sabotage one's business starting with own leadership development. As a leader, proactive signifies paying attention to your:

  1. business plan,

  2. key performance indicators (KYIs),

  3. competitive strategy,

  4. target audience, and

  5. marketing plan

Strategic & Systematic

Addressing human capital should be an essential investment by any leader. When conducting your annual reviews, be sure your account for professional development for your entire team. A systemic perspective is looking at your organization as a whole. CPR's Moral Leadership Coaching series referenced the seed as the beginning of a single idea. In applying the same analogy, a plant is made of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds when considering a systematic review. Each part of the plant is a vital necessity for the plant to survive. Survival depends on the surrounding environment as well as its parts. Systemic thinking, or a systemic perspective, is reviewing not just a problem or challenge in isolation but in the context of your entire business.

Enlighten and Engage

Working diligently, taking an offensive posture, and using human capital as a strategy while applying a systemic perspective will allow you to emerge as a more enlightened leader. A leader that is more cognizant of the ongoings will also engage staff. As you continue to elevate, your team must be equally robust.

Administering CPR's D.O.S.E. daily will assist in your leadership and professional development. So, apply and keep us apprised of your leadership journey. Also, please visit our CPR Moral Leadership Coaching Tidbit youtube to secure free coaching tips. Also, please be sure to subscribe and share.

Warm Regards


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