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CPR's Level Up series: 10 Signs You Need A Business Consultant

It's 2024; your business is still standing; congratulations!! What's next? Hopefully, you have conducted your due diligence, including a review of your business plan, and made sound decisions on how to Level UP for 2024. Today's post highlights ten signs investing in a business consultant is the #1 business strategy for business growth.

Forbes (2021) magazine submitted ten signs your business needs a business consultant; CPR provides solutions:

1. You Can’t Keep Up With Emerging Trends Or Tech

In the Information age, new technology is presented daily. With the emerging trends, a leader can quickly feel overwhelmed, which can bring out FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This fear quickly becomes a level of anxiety.

CPR's solution

If you are opting to save money like me, you must be prepared to take the growing trends as such, that is, trends that may or may not apply to your business. If you cannot consider this perspective and are not tech-savvy, then a consultant with expertise in the Tech industry should be considered a possible solution.

2. You Need An Impartial Opinion

Business consultants are more objective.

CPR's solution

Recruiting a 3rd party is armed with a wealth of information across different industries. Recommendations are typically free from bias.

3. You're Lacking Inspiration And Perspective

Consultants have exponential exposure to situations you can't get in the private industry world.

CPR's solutions

Consultants come with fresh eyes or perspectives, resulting in creative and innovative ideas. Based on the exposure, a consultant can also bring solutions that might have been effective to one organization. Thus, they will better understand how to roll it out and be aware of possible obstacles.

4. You're Unable To Meet Your Goals

When you cannot achieve the goals with your internal team, it is time to hire a consultant.

CPR's solution

We recommend considering your Key Performance Indicators from when you started your business to determine whether you met your goals. Consider the seven-year mark if you have been in business for over seven years. If this sends your head spinning, it's time to bring in a business consultant who can assist.

5. Your Business Isn’t Growing, And You Don’t Know Why

You are in business to make money; however, growth looks different in the infancy stage of business ownership; however, growth looks different in infancy.

CPR's solution

A Business consultant brings excellent insight. Businesses need to monitor with data analytics.

6. You're Stalling On An Idea

We are experiencing a classic case of paralysis analysis.

CPR's solution

A business consultant can help you when it comes to making those all-important decisions.

7. You're Working Outside Your Expertise

Any business leader has their strengths and weaknesses. The best use of your time will always be to focus on your strengths.

CPR's solution

A leader can quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses by applying the SWOT analysis tool. This step is critical to your effectiveness as a leader. Once you know your strengths, a business consultant is a worthy investment to assist in areas that need developing either through upskilling (CPR recommends) or to complete the project.

8. You Lack In-House Resources

Hiring a consultant for your company might be a good idea if you lack in-house resources.

CPR's solution

See #7 and complete a SWOT analysis of your organization, then proceed with the Business consultant.

9. You Have Tunnel Vision

If you feel like you have tunnel vision from working on a problem for too long.

CPR's solution

See #6

10. You're Working On A Time-Sensitive Project 

You may consider hiring a consultant if you have a time-sensitive project in the pipeline.

CPR's solution (agree with expert)

A consultant can buy you some much-needed time and advise you to make your first attempt successful. - John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

While there are more than ten signs, today's post barely scratched the surface of the importance of a business consultant. Suffice it to say you must identify the right consultant to fit your needs and budget.

Warm Regards,


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