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CPR's Level Up series: Business Consulting=Business Growth

Updated: Jan 30

As we resume CPR's level-up series, the upcoming posts are constructed around the need for business consulting. Traditionally, business consultants were hired to provide advice, guidance, and training in their areas of expertise. Based on a 2020 survey by the Predictive Index, consultants were hired for the following reasons:

  • Business Strategy

  • Human Resources

  • Business Operations

  • Risk & Compliance

  • Financial Consultation

With the Great American Resignation, baby boomers and members of Generation X and younger generations are available to assist businesses in leveling up for 2024. This also signifies that many American workers or those globally who left Corporate can lend their expertise in many new business areas currently storming the global business community. In addition to the traditional scope of services, other subcategories of essential business services include:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Data Analytics

  • SEO Optimization

  • Branding

  • Promotion

  • Identifying Organizational Culture

  • Constructing high-performance teams

  • Book-keeping

  • Social Media

  • AI/Technology

  • SWOT Analysis

For any business owner, investing in a consultant is worthwhile; the business owner has a designated time to have the expert provide a professional diagnosis and render a sound endeavor. Frequently, the company recruited is there to serve at the behest of the business owner. The investment is to give you, the business owner, a designated time to have the expert provide a professional diagnosis and render sound, customized solutions. CPR offers a few recommendations for enlisting the assistance of a business consultant professional:

  1. you are burned out and can't hear yourself think

  2. you are experiencing paralysis analysis

  3. you value an objective third perspective

  4. you are growing and need a workforce, outsource

  5. you are need in need of a highly specialized service that is not available

  6. you desire to develop new skill sets for you and your team

  7. you are ready to level up and advance to the next business stage or expand your business

  8. transform workplace culture

  9. streamline internal processes

  10. brainstorm for more creative ideas

Take Consultant Proficiency Resources with you on your transformational journey as you embark on the next step to leveling up your business.

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