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CRISIS LEADERSHIP: What every small business owner needs to know

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A crisis is defined as a period when you experience intense challenges or catastrophes personally or professionally. It's inevitable! In business, such crisis can emanate in the form of the IRS, business competition that evolves into a business war, financial or health challenges, or other external calamities that may impede the growth of your business. At this time, you as a leader must activate "Crisis Leadership."

Though for a brief period or until resolution, Crisis Leadership dictates you as a leader or designee to take control of the situation asap. Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC recommends the following:

1-Stay optimistic and keep your head in the game. DO NOT morph into an ostrich and bury your head. The problem does not disappear without intervention.

2-Summon the fortitude to act accordingly. Surround yourself with your A-TEAM and get to a resolution. Frequently, a 3rd party has a more objective view of the situation. So, hire someone (it's worth the $$ spent to save your company) or ask another small business owner to sit in on the meeting and provide feedback.

3-Be transparent. During a crisis, leadership must not conceal information from your Executive team or employees. Your team needs to be able to trust you. Do not betray their trust.

4-Do not lead from behind. Lead forward! During a crisis, everyone needs to know who is in charge.

5-A leader must change your priorities to address issues that are an immediate concern. Consider deferring your 1Q 2022 tactical goal for a short period.

6- Continue your day-to-day operations. Abandoning daily operations may lead to more significant issues. Instead, learn "to chew gum and walk at the same time." While this may seem to conflict with the #5 recommendation, it's not. During a crisis, the order of business must continue.

7-Remember self-care. While self-care may have a selfish ring, especially during a crisis, it is not. Self-care may improve your overall perspective of the crisis and assist you with becoming a more empathetic leader. If you or your designated leader are not coping well with the current crisis, the crisis becomes mount, Everest. It might be hard to sleep during a crisis; however, you can still practice self-care by hitting the gym, watching your favorite comedy, eating healthier, hanging out with close friends or family, and most importantly, praying and meditating. There is a higher power.

Parallel to life, a crisis will occur at some point in your entrepreneurial journey. The question is, are you ready? Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC offers one-on-one leadership coaching to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Please send an email to or register your company. Warm Regards, CeeCee Managing Partner Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC


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