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Customer Engagement: CPR's Recommendations

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

As we close out May 2022, CPR's team opted to wrap up the Customer Engagement series. Today we will explore the remaining data from the 2022 Consumer Engagement report. Last week CPR discussed the five elements of the report. Today's post, Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR), explores five additional fundamentals for consumer engagement. For your consideration:

  1. Comprehend the Generational divide

  2. Know digital fatigue exists

  3. Render Platinum Customer Service

  4. Customize every customer experience by remembering the simple things

  5. Remain true to your mission and vision

How can the above action promote customer engagement? Let's explore.

1. Comprehend the generational divide

If you have never heard of the Generational divide, be sure to check out our marketing campaign for the month of May 2022. CPR LLC expounded on the definition as part of the "Join Hands" internal marketing campaign. Bottom line, a divide exists between generations for a plethora of reasons. As an entrepreneur, you must figure out your target market, including the demographic age, if you will be successful. Also, be prepared to have multiple modes of marketing if you determine your target group demographic is multi-generational. This is essential to convert prospective clients to customers and retain them as your customers. Remember, customer demand.

2. Digital Fatigue

With the proliferation of technology and pandemic, digital fatigue has finally gotten into the mainstream. So, what is Digital fatigue? Digital fatigue is a form of mental exhaustion based on the hours spent on technology, whether for business or personal reasons. If you contend Digital fatigue is "fake news", check out the data Deloitte & Touche.

As small business owners, it's essential to measure the efficacy of our marketing. If potential customers are experiencing Digital fatigue, who are you marketing to? CPR recommends customizing your marketing strategy and choosing your campaign wisely? A small business owner spending $ $$$ on marketing or promotion that no one is watching is an expensive task instead of learning how to create one on your own. Choose wisely!

3. Customer Service

An old business adage from business school suggests your customer interaction begins from the first hello. the magic formula for customer engagement= pre-sale + sale + post-sale. In a corporation, the marketing team takes care of pre-sale, sales take care of the actual selling, and customer support takes care of post-sale. You may be the marketing, sales, and customer service team for an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has pros and cons if you are three in one. Suffice it to say; you have to work with what you have. CPR recommends you start with every encounter and every hello with that understanding. It's also important to customize and make every encounter memorable. This brings us to the simple touch.

4. Simple touch

The customized, personable, and focused approach to each customer should remind you that the extra step and simple touch will allow you to stand out. In addition, providing a simple touch and taking an extra step to render platinum customer service, according to the pop song by JLO, "does not cost a thing."

5. Remain true to your mission and vision

Customer engagement must be relatable to your mission, vision, and value. That does not signify that you cannot have product differentiation (that is, offering two distinct and independent services); however, your mission must align with the specific product or service. For example, having a value of maintaining a professional practice does not ring true for the customer who received a disastrous interaction with your team or a customer who was swindled out of services. So, be true to your mission, vision, and value statement. Ensure your team is cognizant of what they are and what your organization stands for. The statements in your business plan should serve as a beacon of light and hope to you, your team, and your customers.

Bottomline customer engagement requires much attention. Customer engagement is essential to your business, and it represents a critical business function. Know that CPR apprised you of the 2022 customer engagement; go ahead and not just be good, be great.

Warm regards,

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