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Dadtrepreneur Series: It's Still About the Human Touch

In an era of the technological boom, we are inundated with technology to the point that many inquire, where is the human touch? As we continue the Dadtrepreneur series, Psychology today incorporated two fundamental attributes that many might have forgotten or are not taught on college campuses. In today's post, we peer through the leadership lens of two fundamental attributes still valid and essential in twenty-first-century business. This posting explores the humanity and integrity of an entrepreneur. Let's begin.

1. Being human

Before exploring this fundamental attribute, we must underscore the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and humanity. Regardless of the efforts to create emotions amongst the AI craze, the heart-head-heart connection of AI is an impossible task. That does not signify that a few will combat to the end to make this a reality but will not prevail. If we are honest, technology has plagued, and some may dare say, corrupted humanity to the point that essential, basic concepts are no longer applicable. Whether or not this basic assumption is generational, the human element is missing. For dads, bringing humanity back means (1) owning your mistakes, (2) being open to feedback, and (3) demonstrating that growth is a lifelong endeavor. This is no different in business. Business leaders must (1) self-reflect and own their mistakes, (2) foster an environment where there is 360 evaluation and constructive feedback, and (3) lead from in front. This involves demonstrating what you expect your staff to emulate. So, in an age where technology "reigns supreme," remember to maintain the human attributes that separate us from AI and the animal species. These essential attributes cannot be bought or sold on the world wide web nor can the attributes be created through technology. Suffice it to say, if you lack any of the two attributes, there is still time to relearn, grow, and redevelop so that your leadership skills have a lasting and positive impression.

2. Honesty

Teach and live by the values of honesty and integrity. Can I have an AMEN! The pillars of CPR LLC are rooted in (1) prudence, (2) integrity, and (3) righteousness. In the twentieth century, we had our fair share of corruption. However, emphatically declaring your organization is ethical was not required or expected. In today's business, CPR much like a few organizations found it necessary to illuminate the integrity by which it conducts business. This is considered a unique skill set. Unfortunately, the world is turned upside down where alternative facts are defined in Wikipedia and part of our everyday lexicon. At no point should we normalize or reward corruption, deceit, dishonesty, and a lack of integrity. Yet, we live and work in a morally bankrupt society where the younger generation surmises it is normal. It is ok to pursue whatever makes you happy. Conducting business today requires that you stand out. One way of doing so is by working and operating with integrity and honesty. Whether you lead your children, clients, or employees, maintaining one's integrity must be sustained. A good business sense model within your organization can be drafted by adopting humane and honest principles. Such attributes in a business model are noteworthy and newsworthy, guaranteed to make a difference in your financial statement.

I will conclude that the long-term success in adopting humane principles emanates from a righteous, not a self-righteous leader. A good dad or a righteous leader is humble, honest, and operates with integrity religiously (no pun intended). While this might be a tough pill to swallow, only you have the answers. As a reminder, CPR's one-on-one leadership coach is available to assist you on your journey as you attempt to find the answers.

Allow CPR to JAZZZZZZ up your day!!!

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner


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