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Dadtrepreneur Series: Lead by Setting the Tone

CPR's Dadtrepreneur series includes the final two attributes of a good dad identified by Psychology Today: playfulness and industriousness. As we summarize and link both attributes, it is encouraged to surmise how the attributes can be added to your checklist of leadership attributes to hone. Let's begin!

1. Playfulness

Synonyms for playfulness include gaiety, fun, sportiveness, waggishness, merriment, and friskiness. At first, displaying a playful disposition may not be viewed favorably in the workplace; however, according to research, playfulness at a glance creates an upbeat and relaxed work environment. While displaying a playful disposition may not be viewed favorably in the workplace; the benefits of playfulness create a fun and healthy environment between dad and his children. Similarly, a leader who can adapt and display a playful disposition at the right time, such as during brainstorming sessions, is likely to create a positive work environment. A positive work environment is equivalent to a healthy and creative work environment. Within the work environment, the more playful times are an opportunity to teach, introduce a new policy, and improve areas to enhance the workflow. Child's play does not sound so bad after all. It's all about perspective.

2. Being industrious

A leader sets the standard for the employee to mimic. In business, this activity is defined as modeling one's behavior. Industriousness and diligence are attributes that qualify a healthy work ethic as a source of personal and professional accomplishment and satisfaction. While a dad is seen as the protector, breadwinner or provider, decision-maker, wise and knowledgeable, disciplinarian, and provider, likewise, such attributes apply to the workplace where employees feel confident in their leaders' decisions.

As you become more comfortable in your role as a leader within your organization, you can quickly transition, adopt, and hone your leadership skill sets to offer the best opportunities for you and your team. Whether the momtrepreneur or dadtrepreneur skill sets, it is essential to build self-awareness. Be sure to self-reflect, be kind to yourself, and simply highlight the areas that require improvement, then lead your team to victory.

All the best on your journey, which commences with leadership. As a reminder, CPR coaches are available to assist you in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams by rendering one-on-one coaching. Send us an email at or register on our home page. Cheers to your success!

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