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Dadtrepreneur series: Reviewing Attributes of Male Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Last week, CPR introduced the Dadtrepreneur series to balance out the attributes of successful male and female entrepreneurs. Initiated with the momtrepreneur series for the month of June, CPR spotlights the attributes of a dad and how the traits are used to operate a small business successfully. Let's begin.

Today's blog will zero in on two attributes identified by a psychologist experienced in counseling fathers. They are (1) dependability and (2) involvement.

1. Dependability

Oxford defines dependability as the quality of being trustworthy and reliable. Are you trustworthy and reliable? Is your yes, a yes, and no a no, or do you frequently straddle the fence for the best offer? Much like dads, a dependable CEO must be present and acknowledge their shortcomings. In addition, he must be consistently available to the team until a rhythm is established. Much like any good parent, including dads, you know your children. The parent can quickly identify who needs more hand-holding versus who is allowed to leave the safety of the nest. Similarly, the CEO knows his team's qualifications, shortcomings, and the employee's contributions to the team. The dependability attribute should be mastered if this is not a strength within your arsenal.

2. Involvement

Being involved in your employees' lives is essential for a small business owner. Much like a parent, being personally engaged in their children's lives allows them to know them honestly. This level of engagement allows you to know when something is off, then probe or when to give them time. For a CEO, knowing your employees on a profoundly personal level allow you to best assess their strengths and weakness without asking them. As the CEO, you are in a unique position to assess firsthand whether an employee is best suited to manage a project independently because of knowledge of the employee managing a kid's softball team or is part of Big Brother and Big Sister organization. You have daily access to your employees' personal lives, interests, hopes, and dreams. You can also ascertain how the employee is motivated from this level of access. Whether the employee is an introvert or an extrovert, please return to our motivation blog series upon completing this blog if you are scratching your head on the terms mentioned above

Unfortunately, many corporate CEOs manage at a distance without assessing whether more direct oversight is needed. Involvement of your employees is essential.

Starting with two attributes of a good dad, we have demonstrated how the characteristics of a good dad can be used and applied to has CEO dad. Dependability and involvement are also required to recruit new customers and retain your existing customer base. Clients need to know they can depend on your organization, and for many, a high level of involvement is needed to guide your clients through the process. Otherwise, they would not have hired you.

Tomorrow we will spotlight two additional attributes. What are your thoughts? Do you agree on the attributes and how they are linked to managing employees?

Warm Regards


Managing Partner


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