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Devising an Internal Marketing Campaign series: Managing the Process

Over the last two weeks, CPR explored how a small business can devise an internal marketing campaign by simply using many themes from the National Observances. CPR underscored the importance of planning. Your business should plan about three months before launching for a novice in this area. This will provide enough time for your team to come together. Also, your team is frequently referred to as YOU, which is ok. That is all part of the growing pains of a business. As we attempt to close out the series "Devising an Internal Marketing Campaign" today, we will discuss effectively managing the process by applying a few topics explored in earlier posts. Let's begin.

From the beginning of this series, recommendations were provided for your consideration. To summarize, your checklist at this point should include but are not limited to the following:

  1. a designated campaign manager or campaign team

  2. notifying your CFO or accountant of your plan

    1. know your budget and plan accordingly

      1. an internal plan is the most cost-effective

  3. convening once or twice with your team to set the tone and provide direction

    1. signifies sharing the goal of devising your internal campaign and,

    2. brainstorming

      1. allow creativity to take front and center stage

        1. apply techniques in CPR's earlier blogs on brainstorming

  4. identifying the theme(s) deriving from your national observances for the month

  5. Share what others have done with your team

  6. set timeline for the initial promo

  7. reviewing the initial draft at the CEO if you are not part of the team

  8. providing a timeline for 2nd and final submission

  9. identifying whether it's a multi-campaign using online as well as in-person promotions

  10. motivate, motivate, and motivate your team some more

    1. identify from CPR blogs whether your employees are motivated intrinsically, extrinsically or other forms of motivation.

  11. apply the motivation techniques to get the creative results you need

  12. regroup with your team

  13. take it to the finish line.

While there are many steps in between, the above outlines the process of implementing your internal Marketing Campaign; as a leader, you must manage the process. Do not be hands-off. Even if you are grooming someone, you still must manage across, with some autonomy but manage. ULTIMATELY, for CPR LLC, we went with the following promo combining three themes from the National Observances. CPR combined the National Small Business Administration Week with Join Hands Day and Mother's Day (regardless of your spiritual stance on this holiday). Resulting in the following promo video.

In honor of Small Business Week, Joins Hands Day, and Mother's Day, CPR salutes the momtrepreneurs with a special CPR discount rate of 40% for any CPR professional services used by May 31st, 2022. Join Hands with Momtrepreneurs is what CPR does to renew and reinvigorate your business. Let's collaborate. Email us today at

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner

Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC

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