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Educator's Reflection: Let's Keep It Real

The alarm goes off I jump to my feet

Let's get busy and move to the street

The traffic is moving so terribly slow!!!

Come on people it's time to roll

You get to your destination and all that you hear

Is noise and commotion everywhere

You get to the clock and it's time to rock

You don't have time to hear tic toc

You tell yourself it's a new day I'm glad that I'm here

Let's get pumped people you have to go here and there!!

As I watch the children come and go

I say to myself this day is on a roll

With questions and answers and much learning too

Good heavens this is mastery with cue by cue

I then stop to mediate on this very day

I say these kids have come a long way!

It makes me then think I should say

Excuse me Miss, would you do this again?

As I reflect on my answer to say

I realize then it was a great day!

As I head to the door to dismiss for the day

I decide to walk home, took the long way

As I watch cars speed the highway

I reflected and said, yes mam it was indeed a good day.

Created by JC

Education Consultant

Teacher and Trainer

Writing Contributor CPR LLC

"Education is Language in Motion"-JCC

Education is Language in motion. It is your duty to be thoughtful, kind, emphatic, diligent and authentic with your speech. It is very easy to misinterpret what someone else said, as educators we need to give each other support by listening carefully, eager to be helpful and offer each other grace.

Teachers, I salute you!!! We are mentors, caregivers, role models and leaders. We live to inspire our students to achieve their fullest potential by not giving up. I believe if we except the best from our students and give them that support, we also need to give the same courtesy to our colleagues.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Warm regards,


Education Consultant

Training Educator

aka Serene Educator

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