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Incorporating Creativity within your Organization

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Special Time Edition (Nov, 2018) issue is dedicated to The Science of Creativity. As creative beings created by the ultimate Creator, we have the ability to create. 10 TIPS on how to incorporate creativity in your business and it is not a mystery.

  1. Release preconceived notions that creativity is only applicable to geniuses. We are all creative. It lies dormant awaiting activation.

  2. Be intentional. If you perceive you are not creative, it will lie dormant. You must be intentional about everything including seeking new ways.

    1. Creative leaders nurture creativity in their employees by setting a creative work climate

    2. Creative leaders cultivate a fluid thinking environment giving employees permission to think without fear or ridicule

  3. Get enough sleep. Studies illustrate sleep generates ideation.

  4. Do things different. Get away from the same process, same rhythm. Start your meeting differently including your seating arrangements.

  5. Exercise regularly. Studies illustrate exercise release endorphins that impact your creative juices.

  6. Seek innovative ways to identify new ideas from your employees.

  7. Consider an alternate work schedule for employees. If possible, custom fit the work schedule to meet every employee's needs. If not possible, consider a four-day work week, telecommuting or other work schedule.

  8. Encourage convergent and divergent thinking in your meetings. Brainstorming sessions ensure everyone's ideas are considered.

  9. Communicate your intention to your staff.

  10. Master the art of convergent (critical thinking) and divergent thinking (thinking outside the box). Practice makes perfect

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