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Importance of Technology in 21st Century

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Is technology generational? While some baby boomers accepted technology to grow their businesses, generation x, generation y, millennials, and i-generation view technology as THE PROMISE to all things to come. Due to the proliferation of technology, we are working and living in an interdependent culture. Technology keeps us connected, expedites and reduces workload, assists in the marketing and promotion of products and services, and affords us the ability to communicate more easily. If you are a baby boomer starting your business or you have an established business, you must view technology as your new best friend. Below are five tips to assuage your concerns about technology while on the road to success.

#1-if you lack training, pursue virtual training or self-paced training "How to Tips" on youtube

#2-if technology intimidates you; hire staff who are comfortable with technology. While this does not eliminate the need to be trained, the anxiety emanating from day-to-day technology operations will be removed from your workload.

#3-hire a consultant that manages technology more efficiently if you can afford it

#4-deploy a program that will assist you in project management like a virtual assistant

#5-pending on your industry, not having technology is a red flag for some clients

Ultimately, business owners in the 21st century require a level of proficiency in technology. Like it or hate it, don't allow technology to be a roadblock. Change your perspective to view technology as one way to manage your business more efficiently—cheers to your journey. Remember, be kind to yourself and your employees.

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner


when YOU succeed we succeed!

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