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Join Hands with CPR to #stompingouttoxicworkculture

My team and I are pleased to announce the launch of Non-Toxic Tuesday in an effort to stomp out toxic work culture. Calling on all transformational leaders; please join CPR every Tuesday as we take back our power from the bullies and toxic leaders in support of a positive, creative, and healthy workplace. We can demonstrate support by saying #stompingouttoxicworkculture on every social media platform and committing random acts of kindness with your staff. Whether it's coffee, breakfast, open door policy, an ear to listen, displaying empathy, etc show your team you care and communicate your organization's support of non-toxic Tuesday. Thank you for joining forces to establish a healthy work environment.

Below is a special message from CPR's managing partner.

Be the first to debut CPR's animated toxic work culture video provided for your convenience in the link below. The video will be the first of a cadre of videos illustrating what really goes on in the workplace. Join hands with CPR in support of a healthy work environment by supporting a non-toxic Tuesday within your organization and assisting the trending of #stompingouttoxicworkculture every Tuesday.

Thank you!

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner

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